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Russia launched a failed attack on the village of Klishchiivka. Troops were thrown into a suicidal ‘human wave’ attack. More than a dozen Russian soldiers took part in the assault. Drone footage shows an armoured vehicle taking them into battle. But the vehicle flees almost immediately, leaving the troops alone. They quickly get stuck as Ukrainian artillery explodes around them. With no way forwards or backwards, the soldiers are wiped out. Klishchiivka is located to the south of Bakhmut. Ukraine has recently taken high ground around the town. Taking the town itself is important to surrounding Bakhmut. Ukraine wants to take Bakhmut back as part of its counter-attack.

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In the year since Russia invaded Ukraine, the Ukrainian people have defied expectations and left their mark on history. Retired U.S. Army Colonel Gian Gentile, senior historian at the RAND Corporation, joins John Dickerson on "Prime Time" to discuss.

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Ukraine's long awaited summer offensive - months in the making - isn't yet materialising as expected.

Experts say Kyiv still seems to be relying on drone attacks and showy incursions into Russia for so-called "shaping operations" - without ever acknowledging its direct involvement.

Earlier today the one time Russian president, Dmitry Medvedev called British government ministers “goofy” and said they could be considered legitimate military targets.

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Russian journalist Mikhail Zygar joins CNN's Jim Sciutto to talk about Russian President Vladimir Putin's efforts to strengthen ties with African countries at a summit in St. Petersburg, as well as Wagner chief Yevgeny Prigozhin's latest whereabouts. #CNN #News

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Russia has its own counter-blow ready as Ukraine continues its counteroffensive across all fronts, military analyst Professor Michael Clarke has said.

"The Russians are building up a lot of troops around Kreminna in the north," he added.

On the other hand, he stressed Ukraine's military is making some real progress in the south of Bakmut, is planning to take Tokmak to "secure a way to the coast" and has opened a third front by crossing the Dnipro's river reaching Kherson.

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Ukraine war latest:

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Moscow के Drone Attack की CCTV तस्वीर सामने आई | Russia Ukraine War | Zelensky |Putin |World War 3

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Russian forces continue to rain fury on Ukrainian soldiers and on their Western weapons. Russia's ministry of defence said that more than 350 Ukrainian soldiers were killed on Friday. The Russian MoD also said that three German-built Leopard tanks, two French-made AMX wheeled tanks, one US-built M777 artillery piece, and other weapons were destroyed. The fighting has also intensified in Staromaiorsk, a village in Zaporizhzhia. Watch this video to know the latest Russia-Ukraine war updates.

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Russia's ferocious response as Ukraine begins the "main thrust" of its counteroffensive Russian troops have stopped an "intensive" effort to break their defensive lines. An Alert Russian Army caught the Ukrainians by surprise as they launched strikes. Kyiv’s forces lost 22 tanks in a single assault by Russian troops in Zaporizhzhia. Not just 22 tanks, but Ukraine also lost 10 infantry fighting vehicles and more than 100 men.

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Reports from Ukraine say fierce fighting is raging in the south of the country. Some western officials are calling it a new 'major push' by the Ukrainian army.

Kyiv's deputy defense minister said earlier this week that Ukrainian troops are advancing toward the city of Melitopol near the Sea of Azov – without saying how far. Fighting has been reported near the village of Robotyne which Russian forces have been occupying. Russia has reported a major uptick of Ukrainian operations in the region south of the city of Zaporizhzhia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke of the latest fighting on the sidelines of the Russia-Africa summit.

For more, we talk to Marina Miron, a military analyst at King's College London.

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On July 30, an Israeli merchant ship named Ams1 entered the Ukrainian branch of the Danube, defying Russia's blockade of the Black Sea. It openly declared its destination as Ukraine and safely crossed the Black Sea with the help of American anti-ship patrol aircraft. At least five more vessels, including ones from Greece and Turkey-Georgia, set their course for Ukraine through the Bosporus Strait. NATO closely monitored these civilian vessels as they sailed toward the Ukrainian port of Izmail, with some reports suggesting that Russia may be unwilling or unable to enforce its blockade. In recent incidents, Russia turned away two ships originating from Turkey and forced them to leave its territorial waters stating it had found traces of explosives on the vessels.

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Ukraine's new piece of arsenal, a sea drone, is designed to attack Russia in the Black Sea. CNN's Alex Marquardt reports. #CNN #News

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Ukraine Special Operations Forces released video that allegedly shows Ukraine troops in battle with Russian soldiers in trenches, shooting at close range. Ukraine’s military is continuing with its counteroffensive against Russia’s forces, slowly taking back small villages.

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3 Views · 10 months ago

Ukraine sets off string of battles, taking key front-line villages from Russia. CNN’s Nic Robertson reports. #CNN #News

3 Views · 10 months ago

The world is watching and wondering how the war between Russia and Ukraine will end. But what does history have to say about it? Check out today's epic new video that takes a look at a prediction from the past that could reveal how this conflict will come to a final ending.


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Since the Ukrainian counteroffensive against Russian forces began, there’s been a dramatic increase in Ukraine’s use of FPV, or first person view drones to execute kamikaze-style attacks on Russian tanks, troop positions and other large-scale weapons. The aim is to operate cheaply and to make the military less dependent on Western weapons.

WSJ gathered dozens of videos from Ukrainian units on the frontlines, to break down how their drone teams execute these attacks on Russia’s military.

0:00 Increase in use of FPV drones
1:01 The kamikaze drone process
2:15 Destroying targets

Russia-Ukraine Conflict
WSJ’s latest news coverage around the 2022-2023 Russia-Ukraine conflict.

#Russia #Ukraine #WSJ

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I am Ukrainian. My country has been invaded by Russia. In this video I will tell you what happened on the five hundred twenty first day of the war.

Day 521: Jul 29

Today there is a lot of good news.

First of all, when it comes to the Russian breakthrough in the Luhansk region, Ukrainians finally reversed the momentum and started pushing Russians back.

Previously, Russian forces opened 3 axes of advance and, by unexpectedly concentrating their artillery fire on this small section of the front line, managed to advance by around 4 km and take 3 settlements. By that time, Ukrainian forces had adapted to the situation and reinforced this region with available forces and artillery systems. Apart from dealing with higher resistance, Russian forces struggled to advance further due to the local geography. As you can see, up to that point, Russians advanced along the tree lines and small forests, while the next several km have little to none of them. In order to overcome such difficulties, Russian forces needed to supply their bridgehead with a lot of resources, and as revealed by the footage released by the Russian 21st brigade, Russians have significant trouble with transferring over the river anything apart from infantry.

After conducting intense artillery preparation, Ukrainian forces launched their first counterattack. After short clashes, Russian forces retreated, and Ukrainians returned control over Nadia. Even though Russian sources reported that Russian forces retained control over adjacent positions, it is unlikely that they stayed there for long because they were operationally encircled.

The second counterattack happened in Novoehorivka. Ukrainian sources reported that Ukrainian forces advanced along the tree belt and pushed Russians out of Novoehorivka. Russian sources acknowledged the fact of the counterattacks and loss of several positions but did not specify whether they lost the settlement.

The third counterattack happened in the direction of Karmazynivka. Yesterday’s geolocated footage shows how Russians are shelling the small forest which they previously controlled, implying that the Ukrainian counterattack was successful here as well. Today Russian sources also published combat footage, showing how they are already shelling the next positions on the line, implying further Ukrainian advancement.

Overall, we can see that Ukrainians stabilized the situation in the north-east and managed to push Russians back along the whole line of incursion. Russian analysts stated that, right now, Russian forces are on the defensive and are not wasting resources on attacks because they expect an even bigger counterattack, where Ukrainians would try to push them back across the river.

In the meantime, Ukrainian forces continue conducting successful offensive operations south of Bakhmut. Today it was confirmed that Russian forces retreated from Andriivka. Geolocated footage shows that Russians established their positions behind the railway embankment around 50 meters east of the settlement. Ukrainians unleashed fighters from special forces detachment Kraken who are now hunting them down and destroying the shelters with precise artillery and drone strikes.

While the fighters from Kraken are attacking Russians east of Andriivka, the fighters from the 3rd assault brigade conducted an extensive operation near Kurdiumivka with the goal of expanding the bridgehead, securing the flanks, and setting conditions for a broad frontline penetration. The operation was successful, and Ukrainians cleared multiple tree lines, forcing Russians to abandon dozens of trenched and fortifications. In the aftermath of these attacks, Ukrainians got very close to Kurdiumivka and will like to try to penetrate Russians from two sides.

President Zelensky visited Ukrainian fighters in Bakhmut. He said that he was impressed with the recently conducted operations and that these fighters are not just true professionals but also great heroes. And Ukrainian fighters indeed achieved remarkable success, as they established control over some of the most powerful fortifications in the east within weeks, while Russians couldn’t take each of them for months. Now, as the most formidable line of defense is breached, Ukrainian forces are planning to achieve stable progress on the ground.

2 Views · 10 months ago

A top Russian-installed official claims Ukraine attacked the railway connecting Crimea and Kherson Oblast overnight on July 29. Pro-Russian official Volodymyr Saldo said Ukraine “fired 12 long-range Storm Shadow missiles", but “Russian air defence downed all of them”. The head of Ukrainian intelligence has said that their forces could begin attempts to de-occupy Crimea “soon”. A Russian missile struck an open area in Zaporizhzhia Oblast, killing two people on July 29. Meanwhile, The Polish PM claims a group of 100 Wagner forces have moved closer toward the Polish border, near the Belarusian city of Grodno. The Kremlin claims it has received 30 peace initiatives to resolve the conflict in Ukraine.

#russia #russiaukrainewar #ukraine #putin #usa

Video: AP/AFP/Reuters/Twitter

0:00 - Introduction
0:36 - Ukraine Targets Crimea Railway With Storm Shadow
2:19 - Russian Claims Attack on Dnipro
4:11 - Zaporizhzhia Engineer “kidnapped, Tortured” by Russian Troops
5:00 - Wagner Troops “push Toward Polish Border”
7:05 - Wagner Chief Hails Niger Coup
7:44 - “there is No Russia-ukraine War at All”

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Hours before the opening of a significant military parade that President Vladimir Putin would be attending, Russian officials claim to have shot down three Ukrainian drones that were attacking Moscow early on Sunday. Images from the crash site in Moscow revealed a skyscraper's façade damaged on one floor, with broken glass and bent and cracked structural beams.

#russiaukrainewar #moscow #WION

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