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2 Views· 08/02/23

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I am Ukrainian. My country has been invaded by Russia. In this video I will tell you what happened on the five hundred twenty first day of the war.

Day 521: Jul 29

Today there is a lot of good news.

First of all, when it comes to the Russian breakthrough in the Luhansk region, Ukrainians finally reversed the momentum and started pushing Russians back.

Previously, Russian forces opened 3 axes of advance and, by unexpectedly concentrating their artillery fire on this small section of the front line, managed to advance by around 4 km and take 3 settlements. By that time, Ukrainian forces had adapted to the situation and reinforced this region with available forces and artillery systems. Apart from dealing with higher resistance, Russian forces struggled to advance further due to the local geography. As you can see, up to that point, Russians advanced along the tree lines and small forests, while the next several km have little to none of them. In order to overcome such difficulties, Russian forces needed to supply their bridgehead with a lot of resources, and as revealed by the footage released by the Russian 21st brigade, Russians have significant trouble with transferring over the river anything apart from infantry.

After conducting intense artillery preparation, Ukrainian forces launched their first counterattack. After short clashes, Russian forces retreated, and Ukrainians returned control over Nadia. Even though Russian sources reported that Russian forces retained control over adjacent positions, it is unlikely that they stayed there for long because they were operationally encircled.

The second counterattack happened in Novoehorivka. Ukrainian sources reported that Ukrainian forces advanced along the tree belt and pushed Russians out of Novoehorivka. Russian sources acknowledged the fact of the counterattacks and loss of several positions but did not specify whether they lost the settlement.

The third counterattack happened in the direction of Karmazynivka. Yesterday’s geolocated footage shows how Russians are shelling the small forest which they previously controlled, implying that the Ukrainian counterattack was successful here as well. Today Russian sources also published combat footage, showing how they are already shelling the next positions on the line, implying further Ukrainian advancement.

Overall, we can see that Ukrainians stabilized the situation in the north-east and managed to push Russians back along the whole line of incursion. Russian analysts stated that, right now, Russian forces are on the defensive and are not wasting resources on attacks because they expect an even bigger counterattack, where Ukrainians would try to push them back across the river.

In the meantime, Ukrainian forces continue conducting successful offensive operations south of Bakhmut. Today it was confirmed that Russian forces retreated from Andriivka. Geolocated footage shows that Russians established their positions behind the railway embankment around 50 meters east of the settlement. Ukrainians unleashed fighters from special forces detachment Kraken who are now hunting them down and destroying the shelters with precise artillery and drone strikes.

While the fighters from Kraken are attacking Russians east of Andriivka, the fighters from the 3rd assault brigade conducted an extensive operation near Kurdiumivka with the goal of expanding the bridgehead, securing the flanks, and setting conditions for a broad frontline penetration. The operation was successful, and Ukrainians cleared multiple tree lines, forcing Russians to abandon dozens of trenched and fortifications. In the aftermath of these attacks, Ukrainians got very close to Kurdiumivka and will like to try to penetrate Russians from two sides.

President Zelensky visited Ukrainian fighters in Bakhmut. He said that he was impressed with the recently conducted operations and that these fighters are not just true professionals but also great heroes. And Ukrainian fighters indeed achieved remarkable success, as they established control over some of the most powerful fortifications in the east within weeks, while Russians couldn’t take each of them for months. Now, as the most formidable line of defense is breached, Ukrainian forces are planning to achieve stable progress on the ground.

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