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IRAN 2023 - The Biggest Shopping Mall In The World Tehran Walking Vlog ایران
The Iran Mall (Persian: ایران مال) is the biggest shopping mall in the world in terms of area and one of the largest commercial, cultural and social projects in the world located in northwest Tehran, Iran, by Chitgar Lake.
This multi-purpose complex has been designed on a land with an area of 317,000 square meters and seven floors. Its infrastructure area in the first phase is 1,350,000 square meters which will be increased to 1,600,000 square meters when all the development phases are completed.

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🎥 Filmed On April 2023
Climatic Condition : Clear
Air Temperature: 24 ℃
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Meditation Relax Music Channel presents Relaxing Music for Deep Sleep Music: Delta Waves |.
A delta wave is a high amplitude brain wave with a frequency of oscillation between 0–4 hertz. Delta waves, like other brain waves, are recorded with an electroencephalogram (EEG) and are usually associated with the deep stage 3 of NREM sleep, also known as slow-wave sleep (SWS), and aid in characterizing the depth of sleep.
#relaxing music: Delta Waves: Sounds of Universe

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Claire Azzopardi | Long Jump | 2021 Tallinn

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Googoosh-Last Chapter-Live in San Jose- September 23, 2023

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Online shopping india fashion clothing jewellery

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The classical physics that we encounter in our everyday, macroscopic world is very different from the quantum physics that governs systems on a much smaller scale (like atoms). One great example of quantum physics’ weirdness can be shown in the Schrödinger's cat thought experiment. Josh Samani walks us through this experiment in quantum entanglement.

Lesson by Josh Samani, animation by Dan Pinto.

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Best Upcoming Movies 2023 (Trailers)

Films Included :

00:00 Best Movie Trailers 2023 (New Trailers)
00:06 Transformers 7 Rise Of The Beasts
02:31 The Flash
05:07 Fast X Fast And Furious 10
07:40 The Equalizer 3
10:35 The Hunger Games 5 The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes
13:16 White Men Can't Jump
15:47 Fubar
18:16 Godzilla x Kong The New Empire
18:49 Insidious 5 The Red Door
21:15 Wish
23:03 A Haunting in Venice
24:57 The Boogeyman
27:22 Platonic
29:28 The Black Demon
31:38 Spider Man Across the Spider Verse
33:57 Indiana Jones 5 the Dial of Destiny
36:04 Extraction 2
37:54 The Last Voyage of the Demeter Dracula Movie
40:19 The Marvels
42:16 Blue Beetle

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Thay Kill Them!

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Worlds will collide as Alia Bhatt, Gal Gadot, Jaime Dorna & Matthias Schweighöfer come together in a race against time that is bound to blow your mind 💥

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Ukraine's long awaited summer offensive - months in the making - isn't yet materialising as expected.

Experts say Kyiv still seems to be relying on drone attacks and showy incursions into Russia for so-called "shaping operations" - without ever acknowledging its direct involvement.

Earlier today the one time Russian president, Dmitry Medvedev called British government ministers “goofy” and said they could be considered legitimate military targets.

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سلام! من کمیستم!
اگه در مورد ریز و درشت دنیا کنجکاوین و ویدیوهای جالب و آموزنده دوست دارید، به چنلم سابسکرایب کنین

اولین قسمت ویدیوهای فیزیک کوانتوم
لذت ببرید
ویدیوی استفاده شده توی چنل از @TEDEd

من رو کجا میتونید پیدا کنید؟

اینستاگرام من:

چنل تلگرامم:



پلی لیست اساطیر یونان:

#علمی #دانش #چالش #زوج #چالش_کاپل #کاپل #ولاگ #vlog #science #greek_mythology #education #couple #couple_challenge

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Cherokee Music Group
Director: Koji Zadori
Words: Paksima Zakipour, Shani Rigsbee
Music: Loredo, Luna, Rincon, Valdes, Zavala
Arrangement: Pooria Niakan


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Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödinger, one of the founders of quantum mechanics, posed this famous question: If you put a cat in a sealed box with a device that has a 50% chance of killing the cat in the next hour, what will be the state of the cat when that time is up? Chad Orzel investigates this thought experiment.

Lesson by Chad Orzel, animation by Agota Vegso.

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Why was classical music so important to Hitler and Goebbels? The stories of Jewish cellist Anita Lasker-Wallfisch, who survived Auschwitz, and of star conductor Wilhelm Furtwängler, who worked with the Nazis, provide insight.

The film centers around two people who represent musical culture during the Third Reich - albeit in very different ways. Wilhelm Furtwängler was a star conductor; Anita Lasker-Wallfisch, the cellist of the infamous Women’s Orchestra of Auschwitz. Both shared a love for the classical German music.

The world-famous conductor made a pact with Hitler and his henchmen. The young woman, brought to Auschwitz for being Jewish, was spared death for her musical talent. While Furtwängler decided to stay in Germany and make a deal with the devil, Lasker-Wallfisch struggled to survive the brutality of the death camp, with a cello as her only defense. Why did gifted artists like Furtwängler make a pact with evil? Why was classical music played in extermination camps? And how did this change the way victims saw music?

German music was used to justify the powerful position the Third Reich claimed in the world, and to distract listeners from Nazi crimes. In addition to Beethoven, Bach and Brucker, Richard Wagner was highly valued, because he was Hitler’s personal favorite. Hitler understood the power of music, and his chief propagandist Joseph Goebbels was in charge of music in the Nazi-controlled state.

This music documentary by Christian Berger features interviews with musicians like Daniel Barenboim and Christian Thielemann; the children of Wilhelm Furtwängler; and of course 97-year-old survivor Anita Lasker-Wallfisch. Her memories are chilling. Archive film footage, restored and colorized, brings the story to life, and bears witness to an agonizing chapter in history.

#documentary #dwdocumentary #history #classicalmusic #holocaustsurvivor

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Donkey is noticeably amused with a rainbow
#donkey #bray #rainbow #netherlands #animals #sound #eo

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Iwona Blecharczyk New Goldhofer MPA7 trailer!

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Director : Kambiz Akhbari
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