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New study claims Betelgeuse supernova IMMINENT (decades not centuries!) | Night Sky News June 2023

3 Views· 08/18/23

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In this month's Night Sky News we're chatting about a new study claiming Betelgeuse will be going supernova in the next few DECADES, JWST’s discovery of water on a rare type of comet, JWST’s study of the plumes of water from Saturn’s moon Enceladus, and much more.

#astronomy #JWST #betelgeuse

Saio et al. (2023; Betelgeuse in carbon fusion stage) -
Dupree et al. (2022; Betelgeuse Great Dimming explained) -
Villanueva et al. (2023; Enceladus plumes with JWST) -
JWST proposal 1250 to study Enceladus -
JWST proposal 4320 to study Enceladus CYCLE 2 -
Kelley et al. (2023; water on main-belt comet with JWST; BEHIND PAYWALL SORRY) -
Hansen et al. (2006; Cassini study on Enceladus plumes) -
JWST proposal 4250 to study main-belt comets CYCLE 2 -

My previous video on astronomical twilight and why it doesn’t get dark in summer -
Life on Saturn’s moons video:
Night Sky News from January 2020 (Betelgeuse Great Dimming) -
Night Sky News from August 2022 (Betelgeuse Great Dimming explained?) -
Last week’s video on what JWST will observe in it’s second year of observations -

JWST observing schedules (with public access!):
JWST data archive:
Twitter bot for JWST current observations:
The successful proposals in Cycle 2 (click on the proposal number and then "public PDF" to see details):

00:00 Intro
00:49 June Solstice + Noctilucent Clouds!
02:15 M+V+Toenail Moon trio on Solstice!
02:43 M+V Conjunction, 1st July
03:30 Saturn + Jupiter in the morning skies!
04:01 Supermoons!
04:39 AD
06:55 Betelgeuse supernova in next 100 years?
14:38 JWST images Enceladus plumes
20:09 JWST images puzzling main-belt COMET
25:45 Outro
26:04 Bloopers!

Video edited by Jonny Hyman:

Video filmed on a Sony ⍺7 IV

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👩🏽‍💻 I'm Dr. Becky Smethurst, an astrophysicist at the University of Oxford (Christ Church). I love making videos about science with an unnatural level of enthusiasm. I like to focus on how we know things, not just what we know. And especially, the things we still don't know. If you've ever wondered about something in space and couldn't find an answer online - you can ask me! My day job is to do research into how supermassive black holes can affect the galaxies that they live in. In particular, I look at whether the energy output from the disk of material orbiting around a growing supermassive black hole can stop a galaxy from forming stars.

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